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An introduction to one of the best sources for paving, drainage, and hard-landscaping materials in the north of England: Landscape World in Widnes could save you a lot of needless legwork.


On a previous page, the range of options for sourcing paving and hard-landscaping products was considered and one of the suggestions was that a good independent paving specialist can often be a good choice for a whole host of reasons.

On this page, one such independent specialist paving and hard-landscaping supplier is looked at in greater detail to see what it is that such a supplier can offer that isn't available from a more general Builder's Merchant or DIY Shed.

Landscape World in Widnes on Merseyside is just such a supplier: a large, open, single site which is staffed by experienced people with an unrivalled local knowledge, an impressive awareness of the wider hard-landscaping market and a real passion for paving.

Landscape World are NOT a run-of-the-mill Builder's Merchant. They don't sell plasterboard, radiators or roof trusses. They only sell hard-landscaping materials, and so the staff have a comprehensive understanding of this highly specialised sector of the building trade.

display at landscape world
Paving Display at Landscape World
By offering a wide and eclectic range of paving materials, they can provide you with the products that are best suited to your project and your budget rather than the limited range which Head Office has told them to flog. More than that; because they are not trying to sell doors or wall ties, they have a fuller understanding of the pros and cons of the various options, and so can offer a better standard of advice.


Product range:

So: just what do they stock? Well, they obviously offer flagstones of every type, so there are the best-selling decorative concrete flags from StoneMarket, Bradstone and Wyresdale, as well as plain 'council' flags (3x2's, 2x2's or whatever you want to call them) and a highly impressive range of natural stones flags from all over the world.
all sorts of flags
Flagstones Galore!
And of course there is block paving: standard blocks, tumbled blocks, permeable blocks, decorative blocks, and even natural stone blocks, from all of the top brands such as Brett, Marshalls, Natural Paving, Pavestone and Plasmor. There are single colours, multi-colours, textured and decorative. There is also a full supporting range of small unit kerbs and edgings specifically chosen to complement any of the wide range of pavior blocks.
block paving choice
Just some of the block paving range...
kerb choice
...with a wide range of kerb choices
Then there's the accessories, as we might call them. The edging kerbs, the stepping stones, the landscape features such as chuffing great boulders, rockery stone, monoliths, walling, copings and pier caps, and a fairly exhaustive range of decorative aggregates and gravels. limestone boulder
As well as all that lovely paving, every project needs its basic construction materials; the grit sand, the jointing sand, the cement, the sub-base. And when it's all laid, topsoil for finishing-off, or even artificial turf for the ultimate in low-maintenance gardening. All of this is readily available in any quantity that's needed, from easy-to-handle 25kg bags to bulk bags of a tonne or so right up to full wagon loads, all supplied direct from stock.
decorative aggregates
Decorative aggregates, mulches and gravels
loose aggregates
Sands, sub-base, topsoil, etc.


The advantages:

Why should anyone buy from an independent supplier such as Landscape World? We've already seen that the range of products is far more comprehensive than any national Builder's Merchant or DIY Shed, but is that enough?
One great advantage is the ability to mix and match products from various manufacturers. By holding stock from most of the major British brands, customers can have flagstones from Natural Paving with a kerb edging by Marshalls and walling from Bradstone, and all sourced from just one supplier. The possible combinations are almost limitless. brands
Contractors can benefit by dealing with a business that speaks the same language. Landscape World only sell hard-landscaping products, so if you need a resin jointing mortar, a bond bridge, a recess tray cover or a corner kerb, they know precisely what you mean and probably have it in stock!
lamp column But all customers benefit because the team running Landscape World have personally selected the products they sell. They don't follow orders from some central office miles away; each and every product has been selected because it offers superb quality, innovation, exclusivity and genuine value for money. If the team spot something they like at a trade show, they are free to add it to their stock list because they *are* independent, and the success of the business relies on their knowledge and empathy with the paving trade.


Display Area:

However, the real advantage is the huge display area they've carefully crafted at their Widnes base. Almost 150m² of purpose-built showground, with even more paving presented vertically on racks taking the total area to well over 200m². Now there's no need to rely on tricksy photies in a brochure, or trawl around the local area looking for patios or driveways to view, it's all here in one location, open six days a week (and Sundays during the summer season).
And because the displays are out in the open, customers get to see the products in natural daylight, in the wet and in the dry, and see how they've held up to the challenges presented by the British weather. DIYers can visit as often as they wish to be sure they're happy with their choice of paving and Contractors can use the massive resource as a sales aid for their own clients by encouraging them to visit and see the paving they've selected 'in the flesh', as it were. display circle
Unlike a merchant's yard where display areas tend to get buried beneath a pile of pallets within a couple of weeks, or the DIY Sheds where no-ne has responsibility and so the whole lot becomes neglected, the Landscape World Display Area is the key sales tool for the business, so it's meticulously maintained. Panels are cleaned as nescessary and new products are introduced to keep it all fresh and exciting. It's the perfect way to buy paving.
display area
Anyone wanting to buy a car will visit a dealer's premises, have a good nosey around, look at all the options, take it out for a test drive, maybe call in two or three times to be sure they are happy with their choice before parting with their money. So why would anyone buy paving sight unseen? Display areas such as this at Landscape World is the logical and sensible way to buy paving and hard-landscaping. Don't rely on guessing what that patio or driveway might look like when it's finished: go and see it for real at the Landscape World Display Area.
display area


Product Portfolio

Natural Stone Paving:

item Sandstone, limestone and granite flags, granite and porphyry setts & cubes, travertine, slate
  item Natural Paving stone flags, setts and blocks
  item Stonemarket natural stone
  item Bradstone natural stone
  item Welsh Slate natural stone

Concrete Patio Flags:

item Riven-effect, contemporary, decorative, traditional, textured, wood-effect, utility, plain
  item Bradstone
  item Stonemarket
  item RPC
  item Marshalls
  item Wyresdale

Concrete Block Paving:

item Standard blocks, tumbled blocks, textured blocks, permeable pavers, special shapes, fittings
  item Marshalls
  item Pavestone
  item PlasPave

Kerbs, Channels, Edgings and Stepping Stones:

item Driveway kerbs, Patio edgings, rope-tops, round-tops, road kerbs, radius, channels, tobishi stones,
  item Bradstone
  item Marshalls
  item Pavestone

Aggregates, Gravels and Stone features:

  • Grit sand
  • Type 1 granular sub-base
  • Crusher Run
  • Decorative Gravels and Slate Mulches
  • Jointing Sand
  • Feature Boulders
  • Monoliths and Needles
  • Rockery Stone
  • Topsoil
  • Artificial Turf


  • Cement
  • Jointing mortars
  • Sealants
  • Cleaners
  • Bonding agents
  • Waterproofing
  • Tools
  • Decorative Features
  • Sawn native yorkstone
  • Compass Stars for effect
  • So much choice
  • Super Stylish Steps
  • Subtly antiqued limestone
  • Chic Granite
  • Attractive granite cubes
  • Urbane sawn granite
  • Soft-toned Kota limestone
  • Massive selection of block paving
  • Blocks for driveways and courtyards
  • Huge range of kerbs and edgings
  • Tumbled blocks for planters
  • Walling in stone and concrete
  • Pennine-toned walling blocks
  • The best of Indian Sandstone
  • Walls, copings and pier caps
  • New and reclaimed sleepers
  • Dozens of decorative aggregates
  • Use Palisades to add height
  • Over 250m² of paving displays
  • Gravels, cobbles, pebbles and boulders
  • Browse at your leisure
  • Sands, stone, soil and aggregates
  • Full range of ancillaries
  • Landscaping tools of all types
  • All your drainage needs


Directions and Contact Details

The Landscape World Paving Centre is just 5 minutes from Junction 7 on the M62.

Located in the heart of the Widnes West Bank Trading Estate, in the shadow of the famous Runcorn Bridge, the centre is just 15 minutes from Warrington and St. Helens, and less than a half-hour from Liverpool and Manchester.

Landscape World Ltd.
Sankey Street
West Bank

Tel: 0151 424 6111

Fax: 0151 420 7336


Open 7 days a week:

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat: 8am-12 noon
Sun: 10am-1pm (April to August only)




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